Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Blog Assignment 4

The Benefits of Podcasting in The Classroom

This video talked about the benefits of using podcasts in the classroom. Podcasts keep children interested in learning. Sometimes the "chalkboard-lecture" way of teaching can get boring and cause children to tune out on the lesson. Podcasts are an interactive way to keep them entertained and tuned in to the lesson at hand. Children also benefit from making podcasts. It's fun for them and allows them to use their creativity. Podcasts are also useful when it comes to children being absent from school. The teacher can put their lectures online and the child can watch them so they will not get behind in school.

Eagle's Nest Radio and Podcasts

I loved listening to the podcasts made by these third graders! They really did their research on things and I love the idea of kids teaching adults something! I also read some posts by their teacher. She really allows the children to explore their creativity and use their imaginations. She has truly found ways to make learning fun. The kids were so professional in their podcasts and I loved how they played around with their voices and with sound effects. I also feel that podcasts will help children to remember information better and not just listen to a boring lecture and then ten minutes later forget what they have heard.

Judy Scharf Podcast Collection

I learned a lot about podcasting from Judy Scharf. She gave great tips on how to make podcasts, why to make them, and all the benefits of using them in the classroom. I am seeing now just how helpful and amazing podcasts can be in the classroom. Children's creativity needs to be nurtured and displayed and this is a perfect way to do that. Podcasts give kids a chance to learn in a different way and also to relay what they have learned into their own words which helps other kids their age to better understand different lessons.

I definitely plan to use podcasts in my future classroom. It's such a great way to give your students a voice and be proud of the work they have done. I look forward to making my own podcast. I found this website which also gives some great tips for teachers wanting to start using podcasts in their classroom. Also, under "Lesson Resources" it lists some great links to other websites about using podcasts in the classroom.
Podcasting in The Classroom

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  1. Hey Kate,

    Good job on your post. Make sure you make links from the videos and podcasts that you were assigned. This will give visitors to your blog easy access to each topic in your post. You did a good job with your picture using the "title" tag, but "Google Images" isn't a proper source for your picture. You must use the website in which Google found the image.

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  2. Hi Kate,

    I enjoyed reading your post. I could tell that you are very interested in using podcasts with your future students. I also think that podcasting is a great teaching tool for teachers, and it seems like an excellent way for students to participate in the classroom. You might want to consider putting the titles in bold face so visitors can find them with more ease.

    Great job!
    Laura Ellenburg