Monday, March 5, 2012

C4K Summary for February

I really enjoyed my comments for kids assignments for the month of February. They all showed the benefits of blogging in the classroom and most of the students seemed truly engaged and excited to be blogging.
My first student blog I commented on was for a student named,Martha . Her blog post I commented on was entitled, . The body of her post simply read, "I write because I was told to write." I commented by explaining who I was and why I was commenting on her blog. I then asked her if there was anything she enjoyed about writing or if she only wrote because she was told to. I also asked her if there what subjects in school she enjoyed the most. She did not reply, but I enjoyed reading her blog and hope she enjoys writing and doesn't only write because she is told to.

The next blog I commented on was for Ferry Lane Primary School, Year 6, in London. The blog post I commented on was entitled, "An Update From Tobago". It discussed what was going on during one of the teacher's trip to Tobago. The post included a great video and pictures. I loved how he included questions for the students to answer that were reading the post from London. He asked them for information regarding Tobago's capital city, how Tobago's bay, "Bloody Bay", got its name and he also asked them to find out other interesting things about Tobago. This gave the students a chance to feel included on the trip, learn some new things, and also do a little web browsing to find out the answers to the questions. I expressed to him how much I enjoyed the post and how I can't wait to use blogging in my future classroom.

I also commented on Mrs. Adair's Class Blog (grades 2nd and 3rd). Her blog post I commented on was titled as, "Snow Day". She discussed the recent snow they had that resulted in a special snow day off from school. She included pictures and questions (which I love) in the post. She asked the students to comment and tell her, How many inches are in a foot of snow? (math), How much snow is where you are?, and What things are you doing on your snow day?. I commented and told her how much I enjoyed the blog post and the rest of the blog and how it further impressed upon me the benefits of using technology in the classroom. I also asked her students to tell me what they enjoyed about blogging and how it helped them to learn more. I did not receive a response but still enjoyed the blog and loved seeing how the students responded to the post and how excited they were to be interacting with their classmates and teacher.

Cartoon about blogging

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  1. Hey Kate,

    Good job on your summary! It looks like you only had three kids. For February, there were four comments for kids. So, you are missing part of this post.

    I know these students were excited to get your comments!

    Stephen Akins