Sunday, March 18, 2012

Project #10

For my PLN, I have decided to use Symbaloo. I enjoy this site because it allows you to have all your favorite websites right in front of you on one screen. One great thing about Symbaloo is the ability to open new websites in a new tab without closing Symbaloo. I also like that you can organize your websites into social networking, educational, news, etc... I am slowly building my PLN. So far I have included links to EDM 310, my blog, Google, and numerous other sites. I also have added links to various C4T and C4K sites that I have been assigned to comment on so that I can check in with them and see what new things they are doing. By the end of this class, I plan to have an extensive array of educational websites and resources to help me in my preparation to become a teacher. I look forward to adding many more websites to my Symbaloo. This is a screen shot of what I have on my Smybaloo so far but I plan to have much more added as I continue with it in the future.

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