Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Blog Assignment #11

First Graders in Ms. Cassidy's Class

I loved this video. It is always amazing to see first hand the effects and positive aspects of using technology in the classroom. Ms. Cassidy uses different forms of technology including computers and even Nintendo DS's. The children experience with blogs, webpages, wikis, videos, and Skype. One thing I think I will definitely use in my future classroom is blogs. I have so enjoyed learning to use blogs in EDM 310 and think it's a great tool for grade school children as well. The kids on the video explained how blogs have helped them improve their writing skills and spelling. They also love having an audience to share their work with. I think it's fantastic to have a class blog so parents and anyone else who is interested can keep up with what your class is doing and learning on a daily basis. I think the only major problem I might face would be that of internet safety. However, Ms. Cassidy explains that it is completely possible to keep students safe. She never uses lasts names and never matches a name to the child's picture. She also provides safe links for her students on the class blog and explains to them what links to not click on that might pop-up. I love what Ms. Cassidy is doing with technology in her classroom and have gained many valuable tips and wonderful advice that I will carry into my future teaching career.


Skype Interview With Ms. Cassidy

It was great to watch the interview with Ms. Cassidy and delve a little deeper into her uses for technology in her classroom. She truly understands that technology is apart of our world and is not going anywhere. She knows that technology is the "norm" for today's child and that it will only benefit and help strengthen their learning experiences. I admire the fact that she really dove into technology and learned all she could and also continues to learn as technology advances. I agree with her that every teacher should be technology literate and not by past standards but by today's. It is not enough to know how to perform "basic" functions on the computer. That is only a starting off point to learning all you can about technology and how to use it to help teach your students. By not learning to use technology to its full potential, she says you are, "handicapping your students and yourself". In this class we are beginning to learn techniques we will use as future teachers, but it is only a jumping off point. We must continue to stay abreast of changes and advances in technology. I am officially sold on the idea of technology in the classroom and am excited to one day get to apply what I have learned to my future teaching career.

Ms. Cassidy mentions that she uses a program called Class Blogmeister for her students to use to blog. I have included a video that teaches children how to use Class Blogmeister in their classroom and I thought I would share it.

How To Use Class Blogmeister As A Student


  1. You might want to do this week's Blog on Classblogmeister.

    What do you mean by internet safety? Did Ms. Cassidy not address it sufficiently or were anticipating problems you might have?

    Thorough, thoughtful, well done!

  2. I love the idea of having a blog for the students where everyone can keep up with it. Not only does it give the student incentive to work, but with parents keeping up with the class, it makes us as teachers stay focus with not slacking on our job.