Sunday, April 22, 2012

Blog Assignment #12

post it note that reads blog

Class blogs can be very beneficial to the education and creativity of students. It gives them a chance to share their work, look at fellow classmates work, and also explore other classes blogs from all over the world. There are different blog sites to choose from when you as a teacher decide to create a page for your class. One of these sites is, Class Bogmeister.
Explore the site and click on blogs from the countries and states given. Your assignment is:
1. Choose three blogs you come across and write a paragraph describing each one and what tips and ideas you learned.
2. Choose one of the three blogs and comment on it. Explain to the teacher who you are and ask them if they have any advice for you as a future teacher that wants to incorporate blogging into your classroom.
3. Explain in one to two paragraphs the benefits of blogging in the classroom or, if you so choose, explain why you feel blogging in the classroom is not beneficial but be sure to back up your opinion whatever it may be.

Refer back to Ms. Cassidy's videos if you need any help. Also, watch How to Use Class Blogmeister as a Student and Class Blogmeister Initial Setup. These will show you how to set up a blog as a student and as a teacher.

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  1. Hey Kate!
    I looked at the web link that you gave in your blog and I think this was a really good assignment. Blogging is really beneficial and fun. My only critique is that in the blog assignment instructions, we were supposed to do the assignment that we gave. Besides that, you did a great job. Keep up the good work!