Sunday, April 22, 2012

C4K Summary for April

child blogging

For the worldwide blogging challenge I was assigned to a student named Joe. Joe enjoys sports and art, especially drawing. He explained to me that he was new to blogging and having a lot of fun with it. Unfortunately, I only received one comment back from him and he only made three posts. The first post of his I commented on was one in which he described a website you could go to and create your own clay avatar. I went to the website and created my own and thanked him for sharing. His second post I commented on was a picture he liked of a house in a meadow with a thatched roof. I commented several other times and offered encouragement for him to make more posts. Hopefully he will try to do more with his blog in the future.

The next blog I commented on was that of Room 9@ PT England School in Auckland, New Zealand. I was assigned to a student named Daniel. He created a video in which he read aloud a sentence he wrote about their class game of tee-ball. He was practicing using new beginnings to sentences and chose to begin his sentence with, straightaway. I commented on his post and told him how much I liked his video and how creative I thought it was for him to start his sentence the way he did. Check out Daniel's video

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