Sunday, April 29, 2012

C4T #4

   For this C4T, I was assigned to Mr. Bernia's blog entitled, "The Principal's Principles". Mr. Bernia is a middle-school principal and in his 9 years of being in the field of education he has been a school custodian, a teacher, an assistant principal and now a principal.
   His first post that I commented on was, Our Parent Plan for Next Year. In this post, he described some of the actions and plans he wanted to implement in his school to further involve the parents of the students as well as the community. He had some great ideas including a parent book club and even an event called, coffee with the principal. I really respect his motivation to get the parents and community more involved in the schools. I responded to him by thanking him for his ideas and explaining that as a future teacher, I have been told just how vital community and parental support is to the success of a school. I know I will take with me these ideas and techniques to further help me in my future career.
   His next post I commented on was, What to do About Kony 2012. We have all heard about this issue whether it be from the news, social networking sites, or others in passing. Mr. Bernia received and e-mail from a student asking him to view the video put out by The Invisible Children Organization. About a month later, four of Mr. Bernia's eighth graders asked to meet with him. They explained to him that they wanted to do something to raise the issue of Kony 2012. Their reasoning? They heard about the children soldiers and wanted to help raise awareness. They explained that they began to realize how lucky they are to live where they live and have what they have and that they wanted the other students to feel the same way. I remarked on his post and told him how wonderful it was to see young people thinking on a global level. To have children of such a young age feel humility and pain for other children is a beautiful and inspiring thing. These students didn't want recognition or to become followers of an issue that has become so viral, they simply wanted to help those less fortunate than them. I think we can all learn a lesson on gratitude and humility from these students.

bring Kony 2012 down

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